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The ultimate SEO guide for bloggers aka how to rank on google

SEO for beginners
Don't you dream about this curve every night ?

Let's start our ultimate guide to SEO for bloggers. What ? You don't  know what's SEO ?

Hell yeah ! I'll have something to explain for today 😀. I'll tell you a story. But no blood, no dragons and no war for this one. Only search engine, numbers and keywords. Seems boring ? Totally false !

My little story to introduce SEO to you, dear peasant

Once upon a time we lived in a world where people didn't know anything. If they wanted to get some knowledge they had to open a book called an encyclopedia. Personnaly, do you often hang out with 3 books of 500 page on yourself ? I don't think so. These people may had note what they wanted to know on a paper and later on searched it through their only knowledge source.

Do you remember this world ? If you are older than 35 you probably do. This was the reality before what we call the internet. Now we reach the nearest screeny thing, open google and ask our question. The computer is so smart that by using internet it show you instantly some millions of answer to your questions. Great ! But which one do you choose to read ? If you're like me and 100% of the others human, you know that we are lazy. So what do we do ? We only read the top 5 answers on google. So... everything else is just useless and can't be reached using a search engine. Knowing this people wanted to know how does google rank the website which hold all the answer. Pretty sure we can answer all the question using the number 42, if you don't get it then read H2G2.

The second biggest question ever : How does google rank our websites ?

How ?! That's what people tried to figure out for over a decade. That's pretty hard as even the guy who build google's algorithm don't understand it fully. Same goes on for youtube. Just use your mind to picture an engineer who's there, lefting his computer saying : I don't know how this crap work. But it does quiet well his job. Let's build another algorithm for other queries.

If even the all mighty creator don't know how this work... It seems like we are all fucked. But you know it, when you search for something you find it. Search for the strangest fish and you'll find something like this :

Strangest fish
Crap ! I'll need to clear my history
Even if you don't know how the system work, it works. It give you what you want using words you are giving it. Google is pretty smart ! Great ! Now you understand the purpose of SEO or more privately Search Engine Optimiser. It's a "science" to optimise - obviously - your rank on google. It's time to start our ultimate SEO guide for you, my fellow bloggers.

How does SEO work ? 

I'm not a pro here. I know things that may help you and that may help me by the way. It's quiet logical at this point. There is a lot to know but everything comes by gut.

I know you are like me. You are building a blog and want to reach the top rank on google search. That's normal and we all want it. Dont feel bad if you don't get it as there are a lot of factors in the game. I'll give you the main so you'll get it.

My list to help you rank on google. May not be the best one but will help you for sure.

  1. Number one. You have to find some words you want to rank on. If you have no goals you won't achieve them ! You'll need your brain for this part. You know that when you search something you write what comes to your mind instantly. You don't search for hours to find the better words to describe your current situation so you use what's quick. When you are choosing your keywords just use the simplest one and elaborate arround.
  2. To rank on google you'll have to use these words everywhere. When you tag a picture, use your keywords. When you are writting, use them. When you are naming your articles, use them. When you are choosing titles, use them. When you are making a list, use them... And so on. You know what's left !
  3. You'll find it paradoxal. Having a popular blog is a good way to rank high on the web. That's where the problem is. If you are here your blog isn't popular so you can't rank in the top just using your name. You have to make your name using keywords and traffic. The more your site is visited, the higher you'll rank. Still logical ?
Now you know the basics. You know that you must choose a keyword and then use it a lot in your articles. Then you'll rank up and get more traffic. By getting more traffic you'll get a higher rank and everything will get better.

Now that you are on it I'll go further.

How to choose keywords ?

Dollar key
If you are like me you want this type of key. Don't ask me why 💲
It's a game about words. Some are still unused and other overused. We'll look for the less used. These word will give a chance to rank high on google for a not-so-popular keyword. How do you find them ? First you establish your brand name. I won't help you here to find it. Next you find words related to what you do. Perhaps you sell watch so you'll think about the best watch ever, how to choose your watch, what's the best watch etc...

But even with your keywords you won't go far as you didn't test them. We need to valid these words to be sure that you can rank on these later when you'll write an article. So let's go ubersuggest. This website will give you a lot of related keywords. They will help you choose better one and conqueer the search engine !

I typed how to choose your watch in their engine. It give me :

how to choose your watch
how to choose your first watch
how to choose your apple watch
how to choose your wrist watch
how to choose your first luxury watch
how to choose a watch for your boyfriend

Here are 6 long keywords we are going to test later. Anyway that's not enough. Let's go to keyword shitter. It's another app which do the same job but will give you more random words. Give it a try 😏

1) Test your keywords for dummies like me

As we aren't pro we will let an app do the job for us. Are we lazy ? Yes we are ! Just go to seoquake and install their app on your chrome navigator. You don't have Chrome ? Just download it...

Next time you'll search on google it will give you a lot of informations on the words you are using. Let's try it from our 6 keywords.

With seoquake you get instantly a lot of information. Just search the words and it'll give you the rank of the website on Alexa and other engine. But what's interesting is the word difficulty. So here is what I found :

how to choose your watch : 56,08 %
how to choose your first watch : 62,56%
how to choose your apple watch : 76,45%
how to choose your wrist watch : 63,46%
how to choose your first luxury watch 53,41%
how to choose a watch for your boyfriend : 43,19%

The higher the value is the harder it is to outrank the opponent of you keywords. Using these data we will write an article on "how to choose a watch for your boyfriend". It's the easiest of our keywords so we won't try to outrank the hardest. No goal at all ! It's way to better to have a high rank on 2/3 request than being 10th for 15 request. Trust me !

Want to know something fun ? You don't have the choice. The difficulty is about 98,78% to outrank google. Seems easy !

2) Let's rank those keywords like a pro

How do you rank a word ? Just use it ! The more the better. But don't feel obliged to place it at each sentence, it won't be fun to read. To be sure about your words, use them like this :
  • In the title of the article
  • At the start of a part
  • To name your pictures
  • Use it every 5 - 10 sentences
  • Bold it if you can
  • In the first paragraph
  • The page contain original content not taken from elsewhere
  • Write something long 1500 + words
Right. This sound hard ! Really hard ! Really impossible ! We shall all use SEO as it's not hard to use. It's relatively easy and give us a good approach on how to conqueer the web to get more views.

3) The ultimate SEO guide for bloggers last tip : Just wait

If you just started your blog you'll have to wait at least 6 months to the engine to rank well your content. Sorry but that's how it works. I can't help you ! Just write other articles on other keywords to wait your result. Then grow bigger and bigger and get more and more view which will increase your overall views.

Just for you

  1. Find keywords
  2. Use ubersuggest and keyword shitter to expand them
  3. Test them using seoquake
  4. List the best one on a google sheet
  5. Rank the word by producing a fucking good article using all our tips
  6. Wait for 6 months
  7. Profit !
I'm sure you know some people who don't even know why they aren't viewable on google. Just link them here and they'll thank you for being the best human ever ! 👍

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