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Precept number one and your idea finder

precept number one and your idea finder
We don't use this anymore 

Precept number one

If I have one problem it's this one ! I don't find ideas to write on. I read a lot, I think a lot and I watch a lot of movies and videos but I don't get a lot of ideas. At least not in my theme range. If you want to suceed at writting quality article for a blog you must have knowledge in this area. If you don't have this knowledge for this domain you won't go up. You need targeted knowledge. I feel at ease when I write about tech, web and science. I started a blog, it was about knowledge. Do you think that I know some things on brains and memory ? Yeah ! Me too. Same goes for you. Don't go where you don't know shit. If it happen to you to read this and you are already doing what you shouldn't do. Don't stop there if there's hope for your project. I don't know everything and you shouldn't always rely on my stories as most of the times I forgot them. Anyway, you aren't there to hear me speaking about useless crap. You are there to learn how to skyrocket your blog. Like a rocket. It's all in the noun.

So... I know that you are there because you can't find inspiration on your subject. Maybe it's computering, maybe beauty, maybe other thing that I can't even figure out. I don't know that too. But what I know is that I can help you create and build your website. Anyway, you have to figure out that you can almost write on everything, no matter the subject of your blog. The subject is only where your articles are gravitating, the theme is how you illustrate them and then there is what yuu write. It may be something related or totally abstract. What you hav to keep in mind is that whatever you are going to write you can connect it with the purpose of your website. It's just harder to connect video games and knowledge than to bring together beauty and eyeliner.

Precept number one : You can write on whatever you want when you give your audience tips on what they want to do.

Let me say it by another maneer. You can literraly choose every subject till you keep an eye on your subject. That sounds complex right ? I'll give you my example. Here, on this blog I'll speak about how to rise your blog on blogger. Additionaly the theme is space. I'll draw some illustration to hang out them together. Now I have two ideas :

  1. Give bloggers tips and ideas to gain a better comprehension of blogger
  2. Build a theme upon space travel which is draw by myself
I'm relating two subject that are at light years from each other. I have nothing to think about them together but I'll speak about these. The theme will display something strong. Do you know that hand drawing something looks much better for a blog than a random picture found on the web ? Moreover it's insanely fun to do it and people love to see them - only if well done -.

What I'm saying is that by using a theme you can link two different ideas. It's just a matter of investment as you can do great things using a lot of time. That's our only problems. By following this blog you'll also learn how to manage your time. But that's another story, I'll share it later with you.

How to find fucking ideas ?

You wanna know how did I come up with these ideas for the blog ? Easy ! I'ts not my first blog. I'm writting a lot on the web so I want to share my point of view and everything I learned through this web travel. Then, what's about space travel ? Recently I read about Elon Musk. You must know, the guy who wants to conqueer interplanetary transport. Yeh ! Writting this blog seems boring compared to his project... So I found some great pictures on space travel and I figured out that I can draw most of them on the computer. I'm not - yet - an expert but I'll learn as this blog will live. Just a matter of time as I always say !

What about you ?

Here you are. Facing your white paper and not knowing what to write on it. It may seem difficult at first but it'll become way easier with time. Do you have a theme for your blog ? Do you know what's your subject ? If you don't I can't help you. But if you do, stay here with me. Before I wanted to know what can I write today for the starter of this blog. I searched : find good ideas for articles. It show me lot's of pictures with some matrice and others tips. None of them where useful to me so I decided to write my own guide. My own idea's finder. I'll use it later when there won't be the same motivation that there is now. Here we go ! I wrote [ X ] sentence, you just have to complete them.

  • How did I manage to [ do something extraordinary ]
  • Why am I [ fun action ]
  • I'm using [ tools ] to [ something interesting ]
  • Everything that I wanted to do before I started to [ an activity ]
  • [ Your blog idea ] 101
  • A comprehensive guide to [ Your blog idea ]
  • Why am I writting on [ Name of your blog ]
  • Everyone don't know how to [ activity ] but I do !
  • I'm launching it [ something exciting ]
  • 50 ways to [ keywords ]
  • [ blog idea ] for dummies 
  • How [ blog idea ] using [ strange object ]
  • Tips on [ blog idea ]
  • My ideas to [ interesting subject ]
  • Following me through my day
  • How to use the best from [ tools ]
  • The [ X ] books which bring me there
  • Whatever you want :D
You can use all these ideas to create new content on your blog or website. Most of them won't help you. But I'm sure at least one will enlight your inspiration. If you keep finding difficult to have an idea for your next blog post I suggest you to consider again your blog. That sound like this doesn't interest you as much as It should. Just enjoy yourself when writing !

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